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Introducing Novālent® Shield+ Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer

Novālent Shield+ Wins Good Design Award

Revolutionary Antimicrobial
•Registered with the EPA
•Approved for Food Contact Surfaces
•Inhibits Microbial Growth for up to 90 Days

Proven Science, Groundbreaking Innovation

Inhibits growth of certain microorganisms for up to 90 days at a time with a single application.

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Novālent antimicrobial sprays on and stays on for three months

Novālent antimicrobial creates an invisible film that stays active and anchored through day to day operations. One application lasts up to 90 days and through multiple cleaning cycles.

How it Works

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Field trials demonstrate that Novālent antimicrobial’s mode of action inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi in healthcare facilities, animal housing, food processing surfaces, and more.

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