Infection control in correctional facilities demands innovative solutions

Correctional facilities require proven, safe, and cost-effective cleaning solutions that are efficient to use. Novālent technology offers a revolutionary residual antimicrobial solution that when sprayed onto surfaces, provides long-lasting protection between cleanings and through daily use for up to 90 days at a time. That extended protection window can help reduce overall cleaning costs and resources over time.

From food services and other shared spaces to detention areas and individual cells, Novālent offers an environmentally sustainable, odorless, and non-toxic cleaning option that is approved for use as an antimicrobial under US EPA and FDA regulations to preserve food contact surfaces.

In combination with disinfection, Novālent transforms a typical cleaning routine into a three-step system of continual “clean in-between” protection:

  1. Clean. Surface dirt, oil, and visible residues are removed as-needed with a degreaser or surfactant such as EnviroSystems® Green Kleen 420-4.
  2. Sanitize. Daily disinfection is accomplished with an EPA-registered sanitizer such as Novalent Sanitizer + Disinfectant to kill microbes, bacteria, and viruses upon application.
  3. Protect. Depending on how much use and contact the surface gets, periodic application of a long-bonding microbiostatic antimicrobial such as Novālent will sustain antimicrobial action between disinfections for up to three months at a time.

A smart shift for correctional operations

The ability to protect for weeks and months on a surface, even a surface that experiences heavy use and frequent cleanings, makes Novālent technology a uniquely valuable tool in these facilities.

Innovative cleaning technologies like Novālent will be vital to correctional facilities and other communal living institutions as they put in place new cleaning protocols and practices in 2021 and beyond.