Novālent Promotes Mike Motta to Chief Commercial Officer

Greensboro, N.C.—November 6, 2020—Novālent Biotech, Inc (‘Novālent’), a US biotechnology engineering firm, promotes Mike Motta from vice president to Chief Commercial Officer.

Kevin Parrish, CEO of Novālent says of Mr. Motta, “I enjoy working with Mike and he’s exceptional in his role as a leader so this promotion is well-deserved. We’re going to be looking to him to help us identify and capitalize on emerging commercial strategies for the company.”

Mr. Motta came to Novālent this year with more than 25 years of antimicrobial and hygiene experience in the food and beverage industries. Mike’s career includes leadership positions with Zep, Chemetall (now BASF), and Diversey – having led businesses in both domestic and international markets.

Novālent’s Technology has an extensive set of ‘industry first’ EPA registrations for long-term antimicrobial protection provided on food contact surfaces and is used by leading firms including PepsiCo, Sabra, and Pilgrims. Novālent antimicrobial creates an invisible film that stays active and anchored through day to day operations. One application lasts up to 90 days and through multiple cleaning cycles. The company also offers a hand sanitizer.

“I’m confident in our technology and its increasing role in antimicrobial and hygiene solutions for so many industries,” explains Mr. Motta. “Up until now, we didn’t necessarily need to think beyond healthcare and challenging industrial environments but our technology works to protect everyday places, too, and we’re happy to develop ways to make that happen so people feel safe being in public again.”

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