Novālent Technology Protects the Driving101 NASCAR Racing Experience

Novālent Biotech, Inc (‘Novālent’), a US biotechnology engineering firm, is happy to help Driving 101 NASCAR Racing Experience offer safe once-in-a-lifetime driving encounters by protecting its driver uniforms and car interiors with patented germ inhibiting technology.

Novālent’s Technology has an extensive set of ‘industry first’ EPA registrations for long-term antimicrobial protection provided on contact surfaces. Novālent antimicrobial creates an invisible film that stays active and anchored through day to day operations. One application lasts up to 90 days and through multiple cleaning cycles. The company also offers an alcohol-free, 24-hour hand sanitizer.

“As we get closer to holiday gift-giving we are thrilled to be able to offer our once-in-a-lifetime driving adventures with the added peace of mind Novālent’s products have afforded us,” says Kurt Weinhardt, Chief Revenue Officer of Driving101 LLC. “We, like every business working throughout this pandemic, are committed to a safe experience for customers.”


About Driving101

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