Novālent Welcomes Keivan Mehrtabar as Senior Director of Global Regulatory Affairs

Greensboro, N.C. – Novālent Biotech, Inc (‘Novālent’), a US biotechnology engineering firm, welcomes Keivan Mehrtabar to its team as senior director of global regulatory affairs. Within this role he will guide regulatory strategy and implementation through the rapid growth the company recently experienced.

“We are fortunate to have someone with Keivan’s background on our team to help us navigate through the regulatory environment as we grow intelligently and quickly,” explains Kevin Parrish, CEO of Novālent. “His experience is going to lead the way in our ability to compete on the global stage as we consider the varying regulations of nations and municipalities in which we’re likely to participate.”

Mr. Mehrtabar brings 20 years of experience in the specialty chemicals industry having led regulatory affairs, quality control and product safety for several companies including Lonza Specialty Ingredients, one of the global leaders in microbial control solutions.

Novālent’s Technology has an extensive set of ‘industry first’ EPA registrations for long-term antimicrobial protection provided on food contact surfaces and is used by leading firms including PepsiCo, Sabra and Pilgrims.

“It’s such an interesting time to work within the regulatory environment, I’m glad to join the Novālent team as it expands and breaks new ground,” says Mr. Mehrtabar.