Case Studies

Novālent Case Study: Sabra Hummus and Guacamole Dips

Background: In June of 2020, Sabra®, the national leading manufacturer of hummus and dips, experienced a spike in microorganism counts in one of its processing facilities.

Treatment: Sabra applied Novālent® technology to suppress and protect against contamination at the facility.

Results: Repeated swab testing after one application of Novālent® showed a steady reduction in microbial loads from 2.1% to 0.8% over one month.

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Novālent Case Study: Food and Beverage Facility

Background: On June 19, 2020, the facility had called to remove the mold contamination off their walls during their shutdown period. All walls were cleaned completely and mold was removed.

Treatment: Mold was removed and the walls cleaned. Sections of the walls were then treated with Novālent.

Results: Swab testing showed a constant suppression of mold contamination in the treated areas.

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